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Official Program of the School of Pro-Active Driving

The education program on road safety was developed in light of the latest knowledge of driver training. The number of hours of theoretical and practical training in driving schools has been increased and the contents were enriched. This program not only aims to prepare candidates to pass the examination for obtaining a driver’s license, but also to train a new generation of more conscious of other drivers on the road and more cooperative.

Implementation of the program required a sustained effort on the part of partners who were involved in its implementation, particularly in the industry by driving schools. Indeed, with the return of the requirement to complete a driving course, the entire population of aspiring drivers can be found in their classrooms. They must offer training with a completely changed course and practice new ways of doing things.

This challenge was met with enthusiasm but also with realism. The education program shall allow road safety over the years through experience in the field and dialogue efforts of all those involved in its implementation. The main challenge remains to improve the road safety record of new drivers, and only time will tell if this is achieved.

Road Safety Education Program