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School rules

The student is required to present a valid learner's license before starting its practical courses. Students who have forgotten / lost his learner's permit will not be able to exit and the course will be canceled. A fee of $ 40 will be charged to him to resume.

• The pupil is required to have his book during the lectures;

• The pupil can not attend his theoretical course (2 hours) it is late more than 20 minutes. costs of $ 20 will be charged for it resumed.

The cell must be switched off during practice or theoretical session.

Payment is made at each stage of early (Academic), check card or cash.

Post-dated checks are not accepted.

The delay in a practice session is the responsibility of the student. it will not be added
the remaining time of the course.

• To change or cancel a course, the pupil must contact the driving school No. (514) 508-7494 24 hours in advance. otherwise, the student must pay the price on the card according to the current price $ 40 to resume its practical courses and $ 20 for the theoretical course.

• The pupil who is misleading the certificate will have to pay a fee of $ 20 taxes included for obtaining the new certificate.

• The pupil will complete his training within 18 months. for a contract extension, the pupil will have to pay $ 50.

• The new law is aimed at anyone who does not hold or has never been a licensee of class 5 learner's or probationary license.

Note: To get the learner's license (the new law), Canadian non-citizens should contact the SAAQ to get appointment The deadline for an appointment is 3 to 4 weeks.

Canadian citizens may present to the SAAQ (walk-in).

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